World Society of Disaster Nursing Founding Member

List of World Society of Disaster Nursing Founding Member


1 Aich Medical University Collage of Nursing
2 Chubu University
3 Fukuoka University Faculty of Medicine School of Nursing
4 Fukuyama Heisei University Faculty of Nursing Department of Nursing
5 Hyogo University of Health Sciences Faculty of Nursing
6 Ibaraki Christian University
7 International Univertiy of Health and Welfare School of Nursing and Rehabilitation Science at Odawara Department of Nursing
8 Japan Society of Disaster Nursing
9 Jichi Medical University School of Nursing
10 Jobu University School of Nursing
11 Kitasato University School of Nursing
12 Kochi Women's University Faculty of Nursing
13 Konan Women's University Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation
14 Kure University
15 Kyoto Tachibana University
16 Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine Major of Health Science
17 Meio University
18 Mejiro University Faculty of Nursing
19 Mie Prefectural College on Nursing
20 Niigata College of Nursing
21 Niigata University Faculty of Medicine School of Health Science
22 Niigata University of Health and Welfare
23 Okayama University
24 Saitama Medical University
25 Showa University School of Nursing & Rehabilitation sciences Department of Nursing
26 Siebold University on Nagasaki
27 St.Mary's College
28 The Japanese Red cross Hiroshima College of Nursing
29 The University of Tokushima Faculty of Medicene School of Health Science Major in nursing
30 Tokyo Healthcare University
31 University of KinDAI Himeji Department of Nursing
32 Universtiy of Hyogo
33 Yokohama City University Medical Studies Collage of Nursing


1 Shandong University
2 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


1 Persatuan Parawat National Indonesia


1 Red Cross College of Nursing


1 The Nurses' Association of Thailand


1 University of Glamorgan(UK)


1 Vanderbild University(USA)